Mind The Mom

Mind The Mom
The project "Mind The Mom: an online intervention for perinatal mental health in times of pandemic” was coordinated by clinical psychologists and researchers in the perinatal mental health area, aims to develop and test the preliminary effectiveness of a brief psychological intervention, in the form of a mobile application called Mind the Mom, containing information, exercises and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic strategies with proven evidence of promoting pregnant women's mental health, adapted to the context of the pandemic and other similar risk situations; and train health professionals in the use of universal preventive strategies indicated to promote maternal mental health, by the integration of the Mind the Mom application in their clinical practice. In this way, it is intended to contribute to the minimization of the specific contingencies imposed by the pandemic on the perinatal population, which represent increased risks for the women's mental health and for other maternal-infant’s health outcomes. HYP was responsible for the creation of the app and all the illustrations and animations created. In order to keep the content lighter to read by the participants many illustrations and animations were created. The animations were made using Lottie.



  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web & Mobile Development


  • Ruby on Rails
  • React Native
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