How we roll

I. Requirements

We discuss the project with you and make sure we have a clear perception of your needs. We also study the competition (to find what they do best and can be adapted to your needs), and what they do worst (to avoid their mistakes).

II. Wireframes

We design wireframes of the platform that represent where each element will be.

III. Design

We design the looks of the project in images. During this phase we also build a design prototype that allows you to change between pages and have a better understanding of how the project will work.

IV. Development

We have an agile methodology that allows us to quickly progress on the development stage which includes having weekly meetings. During this phase we put a development version online so you can access it. On this development environment we use a tool that allow us to quickly find errors and solve them.

V. Testing

We test the platform and change whatever is necessary. We use technologies that allow us to detect issues and solve them quickly. During this phase you will also be provided with a form to report any issues you might find for us to quickly fix. After the platform has been extensively tested we will move it into the production environment, becoming ready to use!

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