Governo Civil

Governo Civil

Governo Civil is an event center in Coimbra, Portugal. Located on a building that used to be a government facility, the owners decided to retain its name. It is a place where glamorous events are hosted such as exhibits, weddings and baptisms. It is also the home of a lounge bar named Passaporte and a hostel called Portagem. HYP’s challenge was to create a brand for Governo Civil and two sub-brands for Passaporte and Portagem. The sub-brands had to be perceived as part of the main brand.

The building is a beautiful, antique edifice with a lot of interesting elements. The brand that was created for Governo Civil was based on the lockers of the doors of the building. As for Passaporte, the outside of the bar has a balcony with an interesting design as well, and that was used for this sub-brand. For Portagem, the main element is a bed, to represent its main activity.

The connection between the three brands was made through the use of the same font and a frame. HYP designed other objects for the brand, as is the case of a poster for the entrance and the menu for Passaporte.


  • Tourism


  • Concept Creation
  • Graphic Design


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